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In Polybench®, a measurement protocol is designed as a number of screens that the end user has to run through. The protocol is controlled by precisely defined user input, but also by signal states in the analysis schematic. In this way Polybench allows for the development of not only strict measurement wizards, but also scientific experiments where an interaction between the user input and the acquired signals is requisite.

Protocols designed in Polybench can be replayed in a lean, separate executable program, so that the end-user does not have to install the whole design package. Such an application can be played full-screen, which disables a number of Windows input functions that, by accidentally hitting them, could potentially hazard a measurement.

In Polybench, a measurement configuration and a measurement protocol really come together. In real life, these two are always a couple: a good measurement cannot go without an appropriate set-up. Still, although many signal analysis software packages have good mathematical design abilities, they lack the control over how your measurement is performed. Polybench on the other hand, lets the signals flow through your analysis schematic, while letting your assisting personnel flow through the measurement protocol.

At the end of the measurement, there is always the reporting. Polybench offers a number of reporting features, such as customary designed printable pages, tables with captured values for further statistical analysis, and interactive computer screens.

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